Filled to the brim with resolve, we, as guardians of nature, are determined to conserve it in any way we can – starting with our treasured South African National Parks.  The harsh reality, however, is that the natural world is constantly under attack, and time is running out for many of our precious species.  Part of how we do this is by proudly supporting the heroes at SANParks with every purchase of our premium craft gin.

10% of each Guardian Gin purchase helps the South African National Parks save our endangered rhino, lions, elephants, wild dogs as well as abalone along our coastlines.

This donation also goes a long way to help activate local communities, carry out environmental education programmes for schools, and preserve our rich cultural heritage.

As you break the seal of each bottle and sip from the gifts of the abundant earth, delight in knowing that this act alone allows you to join the ranks of Nature’s Guardians.

The K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit, another South African National Parks conservation initiative, also benefits from your purchase. Rangers’ dogs are often the first respondents to incidents of suspected poaching.

A day in the life of a ranger’s dog involves jumping into helicopters, tracking poachers and searching suspected vehicles for hidden rhino horn, and your contribution helps support them too.


Project Skywards is a funding initiative for the South African National Parks Air-wing with emphasis on the Aircraft Capability, Logistical and Fuel requirements for Wildlife Management and Conservation Activities and in specific the recent demand for dedicated Anti-Poaching Support and Response Aerial Support.

The SANParks Air-wing in conjunction with the various other Anti-Poaching teams, Special Rangers, the SANDF and the SAPS have evolved into a focused and dedicated Anti-Poaching Support and Anti-Poaching Response role in the Kruger National Park. This shift in operations and increased demand for Dedicated Aerial Support presents a major strain and unique logistical and financial challenges to the SANParks Air-wing team. The Helicopter fleet have doubled in size from 2 aircraft to 4 aircraft. Annual flight hours for the SANParks fleet have increased substantially per aircraft with an associated increase in fuel costs, maintenance costs, flight crew, ground support and logistical support



As part of the SANParks’ mandate to conserve and sustain natural resources, a Greening and Management Plan has been introduced to local communities adjacent to KNP which is aiming to encourage a clean, green, safe and healthy environment.

Part of the objectives to achieve this plan is to conserve and sustain the environment and natural resources, planting of indigenous plants as well as encouraging community involvement through waste management, wetlands management, combating land degradation, encouragement of small scale farming by allocation of space for vegetable gardening working within the seven park forums with communities that are closer to the park fence/ 20km radius.